21 April 2012

Blogger CLI Posting Tip

What do you do when you're a geek who uses Fedora, needs to write blog posts on blogspot.com and like only command line based clients?

Well, you do a 'yum search', of course. And then there you will find something called 'googlecl'. So you do

# yum install googlecl

Now, you could just write a blog post within a text file and post to the blog by doing;

% blogger post --tags "GoogleCl, Fedora" --src /path/to/post/file --title "your post title"

That's it! :)

//posted from googlecl on fedora 16 :)


  1. nice info bro..
    can i copas that to my blog with regards from you?

    1. sure, man. the content is all cc-by-nc-sa (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/) ;D